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How to Embed Your Survey on a Website

A question that I often come across when working with clients is how to disseminate your survey once you have designed your questions and selected your program. Check out our upcoming blog on different programs for designing surveys. I will focus on a few “How To” points for disseminating surveys on SurveyMonkey, since it is one of my go-to survey design programs.

When you design a survey in SurveyMonkey, you are allotted a certain number of “Collectors,” which are basically different ways of disseminating your survey. These options include the classic website link as well as embedding your survey into websites and phone apps. With your free package, you can disseminate your survey 3 different ways, but for paid packages you have more options. For the purposes of this article, I will focus on a few key points for how to embed on a pre-existing website.

1) Decide how you want your participant to access the survey by selecting your “Collector.”

Here you are able to select how you want to share your survey. To Embed on a Website, select the option below. NOTE: If you embed your survey on a website, it is not accessible through a smart phone—you will need to use the “Embed in Mobile App” features for that.

2) Select how you want your survey to appear on your website.

SurveyMonkey allows you three main options for how the survey will appear. It can appear as a standalone item on your webpage or appear as a pop-up with two different options.

3) Design your theme.

Designing your theme is fairly limited to width, height, and border or how your survey will appear on your website. The actual color scheme etc. will need to be designed when you first design your survey.

4) Review options for embedding your survey.

You have the option to allow participants to edit questions until they complete the survey. You can make surveys anonymous, or collect IP addresses with each response. SSL encryption is mandatory for embedded surveys for security purposes.

5) Install your code by copying and pasting your HTML snippet into the HTML for your website.

The benefit of SurveyMonkey and similar features through other programs is that they create the HTML code for you! You simply need to access the HTML code for your website, and copy and paste the snippet from your survey wherever you want it. This will require write permission to the HTML code for your website.

Check back for more advice about what programs to select when designing your survey and critical issues in designing surveys. Please contact us on our website ( to find out more information.

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